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$10 Quick Facts

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Quick Facts

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Quick Facts for NCLEX is one of the most popular study guides for the Next-Generation NCLEX Exam.  Trusted by thousands of nursing students, this book will help you quickly break down the NCLEX Content and Pharmacology in a way that makes it easy to understand!

Quick Facts is An Amazon Best Seller

by #1 Professor Regina M. Callion MSN, RN 

Quick Facts is An Amazon Best Seller

by #1 Professor Regina MSN, RN

Landon V. - Verified Buyer

This book has all the essentials you need for NCLEX. I’ve been using it along with UWorld and my scores have improved a lot! No need to purchase those other books with over 1,000 pages of content and no motivation.

Latoya B. - Verified Buyer

This is a great book for a nursing student. This book gets straight to the point on the information you will need to know. This is the best book a nursing student can buy to help you with studying the important information. 

Alisa J. - Verified Buyer

If you are not into reading all the fluff, this is for you. This book is straight to the point about each disorder as well as key safety points tested on NCLEX. I passed NCLEX Next Gen RN in 85 questions using this review book. 

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Order limit of 20 per student.